Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lunch Menu: Friday , February 27th

What's New:  Farmer's Market Sandwich: local goat cheese, moroccan-spiced carrots, english cucumber, arugula & kalamata tapenade on toasted Della Fattoria pullman...Moroccan Carrot Soup with coriander yogurt....
  • Meatballs & Polenta, house tomato sauce, grana padano & wild arugula salad $13.00
  • Roasted organic chicken leg, preserved lemon & sage rub, served with your choice of wild arugula salad -OR- creamy polenta $10.00
  • Roasted wild salmon, fresh dill & lemon zest rub, served with your choice of wild arugula salad -OR- quinoa salad $13.00
  • Mac n Cheese with sharp cheddar, monterey jack & toasted bread crumbs, served with side arugula salad $11*
  • Combo of any two of the following: $12.50 
    • Half Soup du Jour
    • Half Sandwich of your choice (pork, chicken salad or farmers market)
    • Half Entree Salad
    • Half Quinoa Salad
  • Pork sandwich: tender belly & shoulder meat, carrot-apple slaw, pickled onion, cilantro & mustard on toasted ciabatta $10.00
  • Chicken Salad sandwich: pulled, organic chicken breast tossed with green goddess dressing, with wild arugula on toasted Della Fattoria pullman $11.00
  • Farmer's Market Sandwich: local goat cheese, moroccan-spiced carrots, english cucumber, arugula & kalamata tapenade on toasted Della Fattoria pullman $11.00
Soup & Entree Salads:
  • Soup du Jour: Moroccan Carrot with coriander yogurt, served with scallion focaccia
      • 12 oz= $6.50
      • 16oz=$8.50
  • Seasonal Salad*: satsuma mandarin, wild arugula & medjool dates with almonds, ricotta salata, croutons & citrus vinaigrette $11.50 
  • Caesar Salad: chopped organic hearts of romaine, grana padano, house croutons,  black pepper & our caesar dressing $10 
Sides: *(all vegetarian)
  • Arugula salad, grana padano, lemon vinaigrette $3.00
  • Garlic bread, parsley & paprika on Della Fattoria baguette $3.50
  • 8oz soup (does not include bread) $5.00
  • 8oz Mac N Cheese $5.00
  • Quinoa salad with savoy cabbage, carrot, english cucumber, scallions & sesame-ginger vinaigrette
    • 8oz=$4.50
    • 12oz=$6.00
**as a side to the roasted chicken or salmon entree, add $1 extra
Add onsTo any entree or side, add: 
  • pulled chicken, bacon or roasted pork $3.00
  • pulled chicken tossed in green goddess dressing $4.00
  • roasted salmon $5.75
  • marinated white anchovies $3.00 
  • avocado $1.75
  • roasted red peppers .50
  • pickled jalapeƱos .25

Wine: (Available by 5 oz glass/ 375 ml carafe / 750ml bottle)

NV Charles Bove Brut Rose, Cabernet Franc, Touraine, France.....10/NA/38
NV Pignoletto Frizzante, tre monti, Emilia Romagna...10/NA/38

2o14 Vigilance Sauvignon Blanc, Lake County, CA....10/20/382013
2013 Moulin de Gassac Sauvignon Blanc/Grenache Blanc, Languedoc-Roussillon...9/18/36 
2012 Santadi vermentino "villa solais", Sardinia....NA/24/46
2013 La Cabotte Grenache Blanc/Viognier, Cotes du rhone...10/20/38
2013 Domaine Seguinot Bordet Chardonnay, Chablis...NA/26/48
2013 Forlorn Hope Wines Verdelho "Que Suadade", California....NA/26/48

NA at the moment!

NV Marietta Cellars Zinfanel/Petite Sirah, Geyserville...11/22/42
2012 Tre Monti Sangiovese, Emilia Romagna...11/22/42
2012 Moulin de Gassac Syrah/Carignane/Grenache, Languedoc-Roussillon...9/18/36
2011 Marco Porello Nebbiollo, Piemonte...12/24/46
2013 Xavier Clua Cabernet Sauvignon/Grenache/Syrah, Terra Alta....10/20/38

12 oz bottles:
Einstok Olgerd White Ale, Iceland....6
Allagash Brewing White Ale, Maine....7
Konig Pilsner, Germany....6
North Coast Brewing Scrimshaw Pilsner, CA...6
Oskar Blues "Dale's Pale Ale", Colorado....5
Unibrou "Don de Dieu" Belgian Strong Ale, Canada...8
Unibrou "La Fin du Monde" Golden Ale, Canada...8
Bear Republic "Big Bear" Stout, Healdsburg....6
McAuslan Oatmeal Stout, Canada....7

16 oz Draught:
Unibroue "Blanche de Chamblay" white ale, Canada.......7 
Bear Republic Brewing Co. Racer 5 IPA, Healdsburg, CA.......6 (5 at happy hour)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:

Mexican coke $2.25
Diet coke $1.90
Root beer $2.25
San Pellegrino Limonata, Aranciata Rosso $2.00
San Pellegrino sparkling water 500ml $2.25
House Iced tea (earl grey), lightly sweetened with honey & lemon $2.50